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The eComm Acceleration Playbook


Explore each playbook below to discover resources, expert advice and actionable strategies for optimizing each lever of the digital path to purchase. 


1. Assortment & Availability

Staying in stock is a fundamental principle of effective retail execution. Consumers can’t buy what’s not in-stock. See how you can avoid the costly penalties to your brand visibility, sales and organic search placement. 

2. Search Placement

If a shopper can’t find your products, they can’t buy your products. Page 1 of retailer search results is where you want to be. Our research shows you get a 50% bump in sales by moving from page 2 to page 1. See how your brand can become more discoverable and win in search. 


3. Ratings & Reviews

Online ratings and reviews impact your sales, traffic and conversion - online and offline. Our research shows that adding just one review to a product will almost double your sales on Amazon. See how you can optimize your ratings and reviews strategy and benchmark success for your brand.

4. Product Content

Online, product content serves as your packaging, 30-second commercial, promotional display, and more. So, having complete, correct and compelling content is critical. See how you can improve your product pages for higher sales lifts.


5. Pricing & Profitability

Marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, or create a unique competitive environment where brands have to compete against other third-party sellers. See how you can manage price, maximize profitability, and preserve your search and content investments in the face of these threats.  

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