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AMZ Maximizer™

The full-funnel solution for managing and optimizing your Amazon sales performance, combining 1P / 3P sales & category share estimates, page traffic and conversion insights and digital shelf analytics.

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Digital Shelf 360™ 

Monitor the 4Ps (Product, Placement, Price and Promotions) in real time across 8,000 retailer websites. Benchmark performance against competitors and gain actionable guidance to improve your sales.

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Expert analysis & consultation 

Unlike other solutions, we don’t give you a tool and walk away — instead we give you eCommerce experts on 3 continents who work alongside you to prioritize your biggest gaps and opportunities.

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Monitoring 450+ million products across 8,000 retailer websites and mobile apps, daily
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What kind of sales impact can you expect from adding more reviews to your product pages? What’s the optimal number of reviews to shoot for? We hear these questions a lot, so we set out to answer them.


Amazon’s ending of Prime Pantry is not particularly surprising. Being the customer-centric company it is, Amazon is always looking for ways to reduce friction and complexity from its shopping experience. To use Prime Pantry, consumers had to go to a different part of the website and pay an extra


As Covid-19 restrictions changed in the U.K. over the last 9 months, Amazon search trends gave insight into how consumers responded. From panic buying essentials to adopting new hobbies and embracing the outdoors, consumer behaviour shifted dramatically in response to ‘the new normal’.

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