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Walmart’s enhanced content is back — Monitor compliance to drive greater conversion

May 25, 2023
Andrew Pearl
Written By
Andrew Pearl

Walmart is once again allowing brands to drive greater conversion by including enhanced content on its product detail pages (PDPs). This content, known as “Feature Sets”, which appears further down the PDP under the main content carousel, was turned off back in September 2021 when Walmart merged its General Merchandise and Online, Pickup & Delivery websites.

Now, it’s back in full force and already present on PDPs covering all categories. Once again, brands have an opportunity to drive greater education and engagement with shoppers and encourage further purchases.

Feature content examples

Product education imagery:


Interactive product comparison tables:

Rich media video:


So, why is this important?

According to Walmart’s 2023 in-store app usage survey, 42% of shoppers use the app in-store to compare different products. Adding enhanced content to your PDPs will help to capture the consumer’s attention in this educational moment and boost conversion by 10-20% (Source: RichContext).


Turning change into action: How can Profitero help?

  1. Ensuring compliance for your products

    We are monitoring PDPs every single day across Walmart in our Product Content module, ensuring your enhanced content is correctly appearing for your priority products. This also guarantees you aren’t missing out on an opportunity to drive incremental sales.

  2. Ongoing measurement in your Profitero Scorecard

    In addition, you can add the compliance measure into your Profitero Scorecard so your teams can continuously monitor any changes. This measure will be included every time you download a Scorecard, and highlights any products where A+ content is missing from Walmart PDPs. Your team can then prioritize the most important actions for priority products.

    Specifically, with our Retailer-Based Scoring, you can define your own goals for Walmart, and every retailer you track, to ensure your scorecards reflect your metrics of success for each retailer. And, if you’re wondering how to define success on Walmart, we pre-populate these scorecards with recommended benchmarks.

  3. Benchmarking vs. your competitors

    With just one click, Profitero’s benchmark data (located within the Product Content section) allows you to quickly benchmark your enhanced content vs. your competitors. If you’re a long way behind, this gives you a ready business case to invest in further content. This also extends to the number of images present within the enhanced content. A study by Salsify showed that the leading products use 2x more product images than standard PDPs.    


What should I do to monitor Walmart’s enhanced content on Profitero?

Please contact your Profitero Account manager to set up A+ content monitoring and measurement today.

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