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Profitero Now Connects Digital Shelf and Amazon Sales Data To Deliver Unique Brand Insights

September 29, 2015

Brands looking for a strategic advantage this holiday season, specifically on the world’s largest online retailer Amazon, now have a tool that delivers unprecedented insight into category share and how to gain or sustain it: Amazon Sales & Share Estimation.

During this year’s highly competitive holiday shopping season, Amazon Market Share Estimation will enable brands to make strategic adjustments in order to drive their eCommerce sales. Profitero does this by uniquely combining digital shelf data it actively monitors – what shoppers see and experience as they shop – with actual Amazon sales data.

eCommerce managers, Amazon brand managers, and sales and marketing executives, will all now know the answers to such critical questions as: What is the total size of my category on Amazon and how does this compare to my competitors?; How fast are my categories growing over time?; Am I growing my share in these categories and by how much?; What are third party marketplace sales for my products?

“Amazon's growth has outpaced eCommerce by 1-2x, giving it a dominant lead in many of the world's most mature eCommerce markets. As the percentage of eCommerce sales grows exponentially, brands can no longer guess at their market share and growth within a category on Amazon – they need actionable data,” said Vol Pigrukh, Profitero CEO and co-founder. “This holiday season will likely set another record for online sales, driven by Amazon, and it will also be a tipping point where data and analytics aren’t just used for pre- and post-season benchmarks but for active decision-making.”

“Knowing where we stand on Amazon versus others in our category is critical to attaining a competitive advantage,” said Garrett Bluhm, head of eCommerce for Hyland’s. “Having a direct line of sight into how pricing, promotions and other variables affect share enables us to be much more opportunistic and responsive, and this translates into better performance.”

By estimating the total size and growth of a category, Profitero ensures that consumer brands are equipped with the essential insights to not only know their own sales, but also their estimated and predicted share of a category versus competitors for each product. Brands can track how their share changes over time and what may be causing it. They can monitor what shoppers see and buy online and turn that information into insights and strategic recommendations that pinpoint how to improve their daily performance.

In addition to announcing Amazon Sales & Share Estimation, which is available as a standalone solution or as part of Profitero’s eCommerce performance analytics suite, Profitero today also unveiled a new company logo and website. These changes take place amid rapid demand for eCommerce analytics as sales from the online channel continue to explode worldwide.

Profitero actively tracks more than 275 million products across 40 countries for retailers and consumer brands. Global customers include L’Oreal, General Mills, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ikea, Delhaize, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.

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