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Ask Profitero

Chat-based AI assistant for commerce analytics


Identify & act on commerce trends more quickly


Revolutionize how you analyze commerce data & create content

Ask Profitero democratizes digital shelf optimization by making complex data analysis and content generation as easy as having a conversation. Pull insights across Availability, Content, Placement, Pricing, Ratings & Reviews and Sales data with use cases like:

Roles - Brand Manager

Sales managers

Easily understand where and why you might be losing share, such as out-of-stocks, search rank or negative reviews

Roles - Agency  Marketing


Instantly confirm products are content compliant for brand experience to be optimized and consistent everywhere consumers shop.

Roles - Sales AM

Innovation teams

Quickly synthesize category trends and consumer reviews to surface new product ideas.


As seen in:

  • Get instant answers to improve conversions and discover consumer trends – powered by generative AI

  • Activate data from 1,000+ retailers in 50 countries, based on your Profitero subscription

  • Rest easy knowing that your data is secure and confidential in Profitero’s safeguarded database

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Get instant answers to improve conversions and discover consumer trends – powered by generative AI

Activate data from 1,200+ retailers in 70+ countries, based on your Profitero subscription

Simply understand your data better with customized reports 

What our customers are saying

"Given the overwhelming amount of product and retailer data available, we must optimize how we analyze, visualize and make decisions. Profitero’s incredibly clever, well engineered application of generative AI helps brands of any size quickly discover actionable insights without being burdened by complex reports — all while balancing the needs of data privacy. This tool has the potential to help digital leaders elevate their companies' understanding of commerce performance to assist in unlocking investment for successful strategies."


Todd Hassenfelt

eCommerce Director, Growth Strategy & Planning


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