You need a complete, inter-connected view across your eCommerce business, because product availability and assortment impacts price positioning; product content impacts search ranking; competitive action impacts your reaction, and so on.

Profitero is the only company to integrate digital shelf analytics with sales and share data on Amazon to deliver a holistic view of your eCommerce performance. Digital Shelf 360 suite will:

  • Display your sales performance by product, brand and category versus competitors
  • Estimate your share of category sales at Amazon versus the competition
  • Decompose the mix of sales between 1P (sold by Amazon) and 3P (sold by third party sellers) for your categories and brands
  • Analyze relationships between performance drivers and sales and share outcomes

Know where to focus and then drill-down for details



Handcuffed by data with no insights, or too much data?  The global dashboard is your “go-to” starting point for knowing what needs your attention, including search and category placement; out of stock products; sub-optimal product content; MAP violations; new negative ratings; and competitive product launches.

Want to know what’s behind the scores?  Our scores are transparent and tailored to your priorities so you can better understand the significance on your business.  The underlying data is always fully accessible.  Drill down by country, retailer, category, brand or product to see the details.



Audit content compliance and optimize content for higher sales


Product Content

Product content. As your brand’s packaging at the digital shelf, it impacts everything from where you place in search results, to whether shoppers browse from search results to a product page, and ultimately whether shoppers convert.

We show you products that are in compliance or out of compliance (within the standards you define), so you can prioritize where you have the biggest issues.

Then, we take it a huge step further.  We go beyond simplistic audits to give you insights that impact performance:

  • What are the most important parts of the product page?
  • Do you have enough images compared to competition?
  • What % of your products have A+ content vs. competitors’?
  • How do you set the right product content goals?
  • How does your product content compare to competitors?
  • Which content characteristics are most highly correlated with sales lift / sales rank?

Identify products out-of-stock at each retailer



Do you know which of your products are currently out-of-stock at your retailers?

See at a glance what products are out of stock at a specific retailer (including individual locations or metro areas) within a specific time frame or date.  Build custom reports to see product availability for the retailers you that are most important for driving sales.

Search and Category Placement.  See how many of your products ranked in the Amazon Fast Movers last month, and if they did, how many reviews they received. Download an Amazon Fast Movers report.

We also help you understand your estimated share of search results at online retailers, so you know where you stand versus the competition. And we’ll show how your share changes on a continuous basis so you can efficiently monitor and track improvements.

Monitor online MAP Compliance



Do you have a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy? How much time does it take to audit whether your retail partners are in compliance with it?

We show you which of your products are being advertised below MAP prices, by retail partner. You’ll see the price history by product, for the time period you specify. You can also see whether there was a promotion for that product.

To make it easy to do apples-to-apples comparison across pack configurations, we also normalize unit pricing so you can compare across configurations.


Monitor for sub-optimal ratings or reviews and optimize your products’ share of search results


Ratings & Reviews

Do you know when your product receives a one or two-star rating? To maintain and improve conversion, we help you identify products that have sub-optimal product ratings, new negative ratings, or too few reviews.

We are the only company collecting review text, and the sentiment of the text, as well as the ratings and number of reviews.


Detect competitive product launches and make product recommendations to retailers



Detecting competitive product launches and promotions as they happen is time consuming and error prone.

We tell you the date a product was first listed at a retailer. You can pick a competitive brand, for any time period you want, and see which products have been listed.

Make recommendations to your retailers about which products to carry, supported by facts and analytics.  See how many products are available, for you and your competitors, in a specific category and price range (including private label products).

Create alerts and use custom filters to see only the most relevant information for your business.


Estimate your share of sales on Amazon

Increase Amazon’s impact as a distribution channel by getting answers to critical questions that go beyond the Amazon Retail Direct data you purchase:

  • How big are my categories at Amazon by sales?
  • How fast are these categories growing? How does my growth compare?
  • What is my market share of each of my categories at Amazon? (Note – this is in our customers’ categorization, not in Amazon’s)
  • Am I gaining/losing share in these categories? How much?
  • What is my competitors’ share in these categories?
  • What are 3P Marketplace sales for my products? What is the mix of 1P vs. 3P sales?
  • Which manufacturers’, brands’, or products’ shares are climbing/falling the fastest in given categories?

More information on Digital Shelf 360™

An eCommerce analytics suite that delivers a 360-degree view of product content, pricing, availability, assortment, search ranking, ratings and reviews, and retailer sales and share.


Customizable alerts give you insight into what’s new and important, on your terms and schedule. Configure the scope of alerts with powerful filters for retailers, categories, and brands, and specify the cadence at which you’d like to receive alerts.

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