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We give you powerful visibility into your data and guidance to grow your sales faster.


Save time & resources through automation and integration

Track content compliance automatically and trigger smarter ad bidding actions linked to digital shelf insights.



 Optimize your content and media workflows with intelligent automation powered by Profitero. Accelerate sales growth while driving efficiency at the same time. 

We integrate with most major DAM / PIM systems to automatically track compliance of content syndicated across retailer websites, saving you time and resources. Through integrations with leading ad tech solutions, you can optimize ad bidding and ROI based on digital shelf triggers, like competitor out-of-stocks or bad reviews.


Automated and integrated content & ad tech solutions are vital to unlocking efficient growth

Content automations enabled by DAM / PIM integrations

  • Provides automated daily compliance auditing of syndicated content and images across retailers.
  • Integrates with Salsify, Syndigo, Riversand, and others.
Automate - DAM PIM
Automate - Ad Tech 3

Media automation enabled by ad tech integrations

  • Drive optimized ad bidding based on digital shelf and competitive product signals across retailers.
  • Integrates with Pacvue, Skai, and others.

Learn more about Shelf Intelligent Media

"Connecting Profitero to Salsify has been a game-changer and truly the key to our ability to unlock deeper insights in the Profitero tool. Without this connection, you're missing the opportunity to fully maximize the insights you could unlock."

Jennifer Angelus

Director, Digital Shelf & Capabilities

Danone North America

"The integration of Profitero with Salsify has been integral to eCommerce success at Danone. It provides seamless feedback between content syndication and discrepancies on retailer sites."

Cory Bensen

eCommerce Manager

Danone Canada

Explore some of our other capabilities

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Search Optimizer elevates your discoverability by determining the best keywords to prioritize and optimize for organic and paid search — on different retailer websites.

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Why automate with Profitero?

category maintenance

Integrated DAM / PIM solutions

We work with all major DAM/PIM providers, including Salsify, Syndigo, Riversand, and others


Existing ad tech integrations

We already work with providers like Pacvue and Skai, with others coming soon

job specific

Smart ad bidding

Ad bidding decisions triggered based on Digital Shelf indicators, like key competitors’ out-of-stocks, negative ratings & reviews, etc.


Daily compliance auditing

Ease of mind knowing your product content is compliant across all retailers, every day


Save time & money

Make your investments more efficient with automated actions from you shelf performance


Expert Customer Success team

Translate data into actionable insights to grow your business

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