Our mission:

To empower customers with actionable eCommerce data & insights that accelerate sales and save time. 

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Since 2010, Profitero has been on the leading edge of eCommerce analytics, with technology that pioneered the industry. Our company was started by the data scientists and engineers who helped build Google’s innovative search indexing technology as well as IBM’s Watson AI platform. Combining this knowledge together, they built Profitero into a technology platform capable of processing half a billion product data points daily so that brands can measure and improve their eCommerce performance.

Many of the world’s leading brand manufacturers — including General Mills, Kraft Heinz, Panasonic, Pernod Ricard and L’Oreal — depend on our granular and highly accurate data to improve their eCommerce strategies.

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Profitero is one of few measurement providers identified by Amazon as a trusted partner to its suppliers.

In 2020, we renewed our focus on helping brands win in eCommerce with $20 million in additional funding, and a new leadership team bringing veteran experience in digital, analytics, tech and eCommerce.

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