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The Price is Right: Profitero continues its analysis of European supermarket prices with ESM Magazine

May 26, 2014
Written By

In the latest issue of European Supermarket Magazine (ESM), Profitero looks at the prices of several household goods across five European markets to see what difference a border makes.

Following on from the launch of our European price survey with ESM, Profitero now compares the prices of various household goods across five European countries.

As the only solution provider capable of monitoring prices in any language and in any country, Profitero collected the prices of 20 different products at various supermarkets across Europe on the same day: 29 April.

Of the five countries included in the analysis: UK, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain, prices in Ireland are shown to be the highest.

For example, our analysis reveals that a 500ml tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream is the most expensive in Ireland, priced at an average of €5.53, whereas in the Netherlands it is priced at €4.99 – the cheapest of the five countries. Likewise, a three-pack of Whiskas Cat Milk in Ireland is €3.45 on average, compared to just €1.86 in the Netherlands.

However the Netherlands is more expensive than the UK in other categories, such as the price of Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. In the UK, a 250ml bottle costs an average of €1.40 but in the Netherlands, it costs almost twice as much at €2.39.

Not surprisingly, Moet & Chandon Champagne was cheapest in France at €28.73; in Ireland the same bottle would cost you €44.99.

With interesting patterns already starting to emerge, Profitero will be increasing the scope of this regular price survey in future issues with ESM, broadening both the number of products we monitor as well as the number of countries.

As we continue to analyse the prices of various products across Europe, we look forward to building up a significant database that will enable us to track trends – and even predict future patterns.

Profitero is the leading pan-European provider of online competitor pricing data to supermarkets across Europe. To find out how we enable retailers to make better informed and more profitable pricing decisions to drive sales and increase margins, email us at or visit Competitor price monitoring for retailers and brands

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Profitero is the leading global provider of online insights and eCommerce intelligence for retailers and brands, offering the largest reach and scale of online data collection in the industry.

We provide both brick-and-mortar and online retailers with their competitors’ prices, promotions and full product assortment information. More than 50 global retailers including Staples, Sam’s Club, Waitrose, Worten and Ocado, rely on Profitero’s accurate and timely competitor intelligence to make better informed and more profitable pricing decisions, helping them to increase sales as well as margins.

Profitero also supplies brands with critical online insights, helping to enhance their online sales and market positioning. We deliver key online metrics, including share of online shelf, share of voice, pricing, brand price monitoring and new product monitoring, in any country and from any online or multichannel retailer, updated every day.

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