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Pricing Intelligence: Walkers and Muller are the most promoted FMCG brands in the UK

May 13, 2013
Written By

Kantar Worldpanel recently published its first barometer of the UK’s most chosen FMCG brands: those brands that are being bought by the most consumers, the most often. Profitero Pricing Intelligence analysed 10 of these brands – Warburtons, Heinz, Walkers, Hovis, McVities, Bird’s Eye, Muller, McCain, Fox’s and Flora – to determine how these brands are being promoted at the 5 leading online supermarkets, and which supermarkets are running the highest number of promotions.

Profitero analysis of 10 of the most popular FMCG brands* has revealed that Walkers and Muller both have the highest number of promotions running across the 5 leading online supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose and Asda).

Warburtons, the most chosen UK FMCG brand according to Kantar Worldpanel’s recentp Brand Footprint ranking (selected an average of 23 times a year by 84% of the population) has the least number of promotions, with just one of its products currently promoted at two online supermarkets.

Of the 5 leading online supermarkets, Profitero analysis reveals that Tesco is currently running the highest number of promotions, followed by Sainsbury’s and Asda, whilst Asda comes out top on price across 7 of the 10 brands.

Source: Profitero Pricing Intelligence

Commenting on these findings, Volodymyr Pigrukh, CEO and co-founder of Profitero, said: “FMCG brands have many similar promotions running across each of the online supermarkets. Our intelligence provides a much needed monitoring service for brands to better understand how retailers price and promote their products, as well as providing critical insight into the price and promotional activity of competitive branded products. In today’s economic climate, it’s more important than ever for brands and retailers to understand the pricing strategies of their competitors so they can achieve stand out and offer even more attractive offers to the price conscious consumer”.

According to recent ShopperVista research from retail analyst IGD, shoppers are increasingly altering the structure of their weekly shops. IGD data shows the frequency of total grocery shopping is at a relatively high level, but rather than just buying a few items, more shoppers claim to be doing their main shop more often. This is evidence of a new phenomenon – the ‘mini-main mission’. IGD suggests that the desire for consumers to find the best deals and offers from different stores could be encouraging shoppers to do their main grocery shopping more often.

*based on analysis of 10 products within each brand for the week commencing 13/5/13

Example of a Walkers product and the various promotions on offer

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