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Price Intelligence: Profitero School Uniforms Price Check At George At Asda, Morrisons, Tesco

August 28, 2012
Written By

Retailers are anticipating a strong boost in sales this week with the back-to-school spending bonanza in full swing. Profitero has carried out a competitor price monitoring exercise on school uniforms at competing retailers Asda, Morrisons and Tesco. 

Pop into your local supermarket or convenience store and you’re sure to find a brightly-coloured brochure with slogans such as  ‘Our Back To School Offers’, ‘Back To School Savings’ or ‘We Have Everything Covered’ to entice parents to join the spending spree as children prepare to go back to school.

With the current trend in rising food prices, parents are facing higher back-to-school costs than last year, and many are admitting that the occasion is an increased burden on stretched budgets. New book editions, crested uniforms and the required footwear all contribute to putting parents under huge financial pressure at this time of year. Families are looking to the Internet to carry out pricing intelligence to see which retailer can offer them the best value for money.

As well as books, stationery and uniforms, retailers are offering a selection of nutritious lunchbox staples at reduced prices to entice parents into their stores with the hope that they will spend more in the non-food categories of clothing, footwear and stationery.

There is incredible value in the supermarkets for school clothing right now – the perfect deal for parents if schools allow crests to be sewn onto such clothing. For example, UK retailer Morrisons is offering parents the chance to “pick up any uniform item, any size for only £2.50 each!”.

With some consumers still not finished getting everything on their lists for the new school year, Profitero has carried out an online price check on a selection of school uniform items at Asda, Morrisons and Tesco.


George at Asda
White School Short Sleeve Shirt – 2 Pack: £3
Black School Box-Pleat Skirt: £3.50
Light Blue Gingham School Dress: £4
School Sweatshirt Unisex – Black: £3
School Girls Blazer: £11
Scuff Resistant Butterfly Shoes: £10
Black Plimsolls – £2.50


Short Sleeve Round Collar White Shirts – 2 Pack: £2.50

Short Sleeve White And Pale Blue Polo Shirts

– 2 Pack: £2.50

Round Neck Sweatshirt: £2.50

Cardigan: £2.50

Front Box Pleat Skirt: £2.50

Trousers: £2.50

Black Plimsolls – £2.50


Girls 3 Pack Short Sleeve Shirts: £6.75
Girls Pinafore: £10
Girls Blazer: £10
Girls Skirt: £5
Girls Cardigan: £4
F&F Signature Wool Blend Jumper: £8
Girls Buckle Detail Pumps: £9


George at Asda

White School Unisex Polo Shirt – 2 Pack: £2.50

School Adjustable-Waist Trouser – Black: £3

School Unisex V-Neck Jumper – Black: £3

Boys School Blazer: £11

School Sweatshirt Unisex – Black: £3

Double Strap School Shoes: £10

Black Plimsolls: £2.50


Short Sleeve Round Collar White Shirts – 2 Pack: £2.50


Short Sleeve White /Pale Blue Polo Shirts – 2 Pack: £2.50

Round Neck Sweatshirt: £2.50

V Neck Sweater: £2.50


Trousers: £2.50

Jogging Bottoms – £2.50

Black Plimsolls – £2.50


Boys 3 Pack Short Sleeve Shirts: £9

Boys 2 Pack School Trousers: £7

Boys Trousers With Fairtrade Cotton: £6.50

Boys Wool Blend Belted Trousers: £12

Boys Blazer: £10

Boys School Sweatshort:£4

F&F Signature Wool Blend Jumper: £8

Boys Triple Strap School Shoes: £10

© Profitero 2012

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