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Price Intelligence: Lunch Box Fillers: Profitero’s Price Check Of Irish Stores

August 29, 2012
Written By

It’s back-to-school time. While we are hearing much about how consumers may have to deal with rising food prices as a result of the US drought, Irish food retailers are offering a range of competitively priced products to fill your child’s lunchbox this autumn.

Irish families could be dealt a further economic blow if food prices are to rise as experts are now predicting: a rise in the global price of ingredients for staples such as bread and pasta as well as meat is expected to trickle down to retailing in the near future.

Rising food prices – and fuel prices – means that Irish families are facing higher back-to-school costs than last year with many are admitting that the period being an increased burden on already stretched budgets. Parents are now using the Internet to carry out competitor price monitoring on back-to-school items.

To increase footfall into stores and grow sales online, Irish retailers are running many back-to-school deals. Ahead of the retail spree, Irish supermarket chain Superquinn, now part of the Musgrave Group, announced a new Fresh Price Cuts campaign across all of its stores.

Long-term price cuts of up to 40 per cent have been introduced to more than 200 fresh food items in the areas of bakery, meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables and cheese at Superquinn. Other retailers followed with tempting offers on back-to-school food products.

Profitero carried out a retail price intelligence exercise on popular lunchbox fillers at a selection of supermarkets and convenience stores operating in Ireland; this is what we found:


White Sliced Bread (800g): 65c

Brown Sliced Bread (800g): 75c

Cooked Meats – Ham /Chicken /Turkey (320g): €2.69

Cheese Triangles (280g): €1.29

Mini Crackers (250g): €1.39

Fruit Snack – Pineapple /Peach /Fruit (4 x 125g): €1.69

Red Apples (10): 59c

Fun Size Bananas (7): 59c

Clementines (750g): €1.49

Pears (750g): 59c

Pure Orange Juice Packs (6 x 250ml): €1.79

Water (10 x 250ml): €2.95


Brennans Sliced Pan (800g): €1

Rankin Brown Sliced Soda Bread (400g): €1

Kids Petit Pain (4) (240g): €1

Laughing Cow Cheese (8 pieces): €1

Green Farm Roast Chicken Slices (160g): €2

Shaws Crumbed Ham (260g): €2.99

Gala Apples (7): €1.25

Capri-Sonne Fruit Drink (10 pack): €2

Fruit Shoots Drink (4 pack): €1.49


Irwins 7 Seeded Wholemeal (800g): €1.24

Medium Sliced Pan (800g): €1

Bakers Basket Buttermilk Soda (600g): 79 cent

Apples (8): €1

Oranges (7): €1

Pears (750g): €1

Capri Sun (10x200ml): €1.87



Granary Bread – Orig. /Wholemeal (800g): 2 for €2.40


Soft Cheese Spread – Classic /Herbs /Light (200g): 59c

Mild Cheese Slices – Red /White (200g): €1.19

Sliced Ham /Chicken (320g): €2.19

Juice Drink – Blackcurrant /Orange /Apple (10x200ml): €2.29

Water (10 x 250ml): €2.45



Irish Price Sandwich Bread (800g): Any 2 for €2.50

French Stick: €1.49

Brown Soda Bread: €1.89

Chedder Cheese: Grated /Sliced (200g): €2.39

Shaws Crumbed /Carved Ham (260g): €2.99

Scones (4): €1.89

Gala Apples (7): €2

Loose Bananas: €1.25/1kg

Large Oranges (5): €1.89

Fruice Juice (6 x 250ml): €1.60

Deep River Rock Water (10 x 330ml): €1.99


Half Pan Bread (400g): €1

Kids Petit Pain /Pitta Bread (240-280g): €1

Laughing Cow Cheese (140g): €1

Cooked Ham (260g): €2.99

Scones: 3 for €1.50

Fruice Juicy Tropical Range (4 x 250ml): €1.20

Daily Basics Apple Juice (6 x 250ml): €2.02

Daily Basics Water (6 X 500ml): €2


Hovis Granary Medium Sliced Bread (800g): €1.79

Charleville Select White Cheese (200g): €2.55

Pear Pack: €2.85 /41c each

Banana Pack: €1.75 /35c each

Capri Sun Tropical (10x200ml): €3.75

*Prices correct as of Thursday, August 30.

© Profitero 2012

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