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Webinar: Category & Item Flight to eCommerce: What Drives Growth, and How to Ride the Wave

March 16, 2017
Dave Blumenfeld
Written By
Dave Blumenfeld

March 29 2017, 10am EST 

eCommerce is growing at 3x the pace of brick-and-mortar retail; it influences offline sales; and agile retailers and brands are meeting shoppers where they are.

There is no guarantee that someone buying toothpaste or dog food online will buy more than they did offline. But many shoppers will buy these products from Amazon and other online retailers.

Will they buy yours?

Reserve your seat at our live webinar on March 29, 10am EST with Profitero’s SVP Strategy and Insights Keith Anderson. Find out how the online channel is reshaping consumer behavior and impacting category and item migration to eCommerce – increasingly in consumables.

You’ll learn:

  • The key drivers of item and category migration online
  • How digital can help shoppers plan and execute store trips
  • Ways to redefine both category role and items’ role within categories
  • Why doing nothing is not an option

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