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The eCommerce Imperative – Readying Your Retail Organization

March 8, 2017
Written By

With the help of increasingly sophisticated technology, eCommerce retail is evolving to meet consumer demand faster and with more ferocity than any other channel we’ve seen. It’s not surprising that eCommerce will arguably be the biggest investment successful brick-and-mortar retailers make over the next several years.

What is surprising is that there is little understanding of how to translate investments into a winning strategy. From assortment to technology, training to operations; grocery retailers aren’t immune to the pervasive need to get eCommerce right. Over 40% of shoppers surveyed that don’t purchase groceries online now say they will in the near future. Is your business ready to meet shoppers in the emerging omnichannel food environment? Take the readiness assessment to find out.

To help you heed the call for a more eCommerce-ready organization, Nielsen and FMI are embarking on a multi-year study uncovering what it takes for brick-and-mortar grocery retailers to compete in the digital marketplace. This webinar shares the initial findings of over six months of primary research and analysis, including:

  • The future dollar opportunity for online grocery retail 
  • How much grocery shopping has the potential to shift to eCommerce and what to do when it does
  • The table stakes online food shoppers expect from retailers and where you can up the ante once you perfect them
  • The critical eCommerce strategy, tactics and enablers that will guide future investments
  • How manufacturers, retailers and third parties will collaborate to drive loyalty with online food shoppers

The webinar materials are available for download at the end of the video. Watch the webinar here:

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