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AmazonFresh Beats UK Supermarkets on Price, by at Least 14% on Average

March 31, 2017
Written By

Profitero conducted a price comparison of 1,000 branded products (covering high level AmazonFresh categories) and matched them exactly (including pack size and flavour) to the same products on Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Analysis was conducted on March 27 2017 and the AmazonFresh postal code used was W1W 6JQ.

Prices were collected online from each retailer website, and products were only included that were in stock on AmazonFresh and the individual retailer. The price reflects the actual selling price on each retailer website. These include any price promotions, but exclude multi-buy promotions. Own label brands were excluded from the analysis.

Key findings:

  • The analysis shows that all supermarkets were more expensive than AmazonFresh by at least 14%, on average.   Asda was the closest at 14% with the other supermarkets in the analysis ranging from 21% to 28% more expensive:

Source: Profitero; N refers to the number of products that were in stock on AmazonFresh and the relevant retailer i.e. there were 761 products in stock on both Asda and AmazonFresh

  • Morrisons had the largest selection of products priced below AmazonFresh. 10% of its products monitored were less expensive than AmazonFresh:

Source: Profitero

Click here to download the complete list of products included in the analysis.

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