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Part 2: Top Tips on Optimizing Product Titles to Drive Product Page Views

May 26, 2015
Yan Deng
Written By
Yan Deng

A Profitero Insider Insight Post — Post 2 of 2

In our earlier post, we addressed the importance of optimizing primary product images to drive product page views on Amazon UK. In Part 2, we investigate the importance of product titles, which, like primary product images, are one of the few elements displayed on search results and category pages. Product titles also play a key role in driving traffic from search results and category pages to product pages.

Optimal product titles serve two key functions:

  • Feed the retailer’s search algorithm, ensuring that products are well-positioned for relevant search queries
  • Give shoppers complete, at-a-glance information on search and category pages to help them quickly find and buy what they’re looking for

We looked at the #1 best-selling product in 8 CPG categories on Amazon UK and found that their product titles included the following elements:

  • Brand Name (e.g., Tommee Tippee)
  • Variant/Flavour (e.g., Orange and Herbal)
  • Unit/Total Pack Size (e.g., 12 x Pack of 56 Wipes/672 Wipes)
  • Pack Type (e.g., Cassette)
  • Keywords (e.g., Baby Wipes)

The table below shows the #1 best seller’s product title, broken out by element, in each category studied.

1# Best-Selling Products on Amazon UK (April 2015)

Category Brand Name Variant/ Flavour Unit/ Total Pack Size Pack Type Key Words
Baby Tommee Tippee Sangenic Compatible Pack of 3 Kit N/A
Beauty Real Techniques Core Collection N/A N/A N/A
Chocolate Cadbury N/A N/A N/A Creme Eggs
Fizzy Drinks Kinnie Original Orange and Herbal Flavor 500ml (Pack of 12) N/A Soft Drinks
Grocery TASSIMO Costa Americano 16 T DISCs (Pack of 5, Total 80 T DISCs/pods) N/A N/A
Health & Personal Care Johnson’s N/A 12 x Pack of 56 Wipes (672 Wipes) N/A Baby Wipes
Nappy Changing Johnson’s N/A 12 x Pack of 56 Wipes (672 Wipes) N/A Baby Wipes
Pet Food Arden Grange Adult Chicken 12 Kg N/A Dog Food 

Source: Profitero Amazon UK FastMovers Data April, 2015

Tips for Product Title

1. Brand Name

Including brand name in the product titles not only provides added convenience for loyal customers to find your products, but also increases recognition for your products. We investigated the 100 FastMovers product titles in 8 CPG categories, and found that 80% or more contained the brand name in the Product Title. For this analysis, generic brand products were considered as not including brand names in their product titles.



Source: Profitero Amazon UK FastMovers Data, April 2015

2. Variant/Flavour

Including variant/flavour in product titles is especially applicable to food and beverage manufacturers. In fizzy drinks, for example, there are variants based on sweeteners (diet, “zero”, natural etc.) and even more selections for flavours (orange, grape, lime etc.).

The product below is the #1 FastMover in Fizzy Drinks. The product clearly labels the variant (Original) and flavour (Orange and Herbal).




3. Pack Size

Many CPG products are sold as multi-packs on Amazon, which helps improve the economics for both Amazon and the manufacturer. Labelling the pack size helps consumers compare the value to other similar products, and gives shoppers an idea of how often to re-order.

The product below is the #1 FastMover in Health & Personal Care. The product includes unit pack size (56 wipes), pack count (12 pack) and total pack size (672 wipes).




4. Keywords

Many FastMovers include keywords directly in the product title. These keywords may contribute to better search rankings, which may help drive conversion rate.

Since January, Beauty brand OZ Naturals has consistently accounted for 3-4 products on the FastMovers list each month. OZ Naturals products typically include many keywords, contributing to their long product title length. In April, the average product in Beauty had 12 words in the product title, while the average OZ Naturals product had 61 words in the product title.

The product below is one of the best-selling OZ Naturals products on Amazon UK. The product title includes 11 keywords including “anti aging”, “vitamin C”, “facelift”, “vegan”, and “wrinkles”.




Seconds to Shine

Remember, product images and titles are the most frequently viewed information when deciding which products to select. Shoppers are starved for time, and your products need to stand out with images and titles that are informative and eye-catching.

To stay up to date on product content benchmarks for your categories, sign up for our free monthly Amazon FastMovers reports.

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