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Part 1: 7 Eye-Catching Tips on Optimizing Product Images to Drive Performance on Amazon UK

May 25, 2015
Yan Deng
Written By
Yan Deng

A Profitero Insider Insight Post — Post 1 of 2

In the first of a two-part blog series, Profitero analyst Yan Deng looks at the importance of optimizing primary product images – the most frequently viewed information by shoppers when deciding which products to select – to drive product page views on Amazon UK.


A recent study by the University of Sheffield investigating shoppers’ eye movements when purchasing groceries online found that product images and titles were the most frequently viewed information when deciding which products to select.

Those two content characteristics’ importance also makes intuitive sense; on a search result or category page, each product’s primary image and title are its first (and often only) opportunity to stand out from the pack. Optimizing primary images and titles help drive traffic to your product pages which may potentially lift conversions.

052115 Blog Pics 1


Based on fresh data from our April 2015 Amazon UK FastMovers reports, Profitero looked at April’s 100 best sellers in 8 CPG categories. For each category, we analyzed product images and product titles to discover how you may better position your products for optimum performance.

Primary Product Images

Primary product images play a key role in driving traffic from search result and category pages to product pages.

Starting with search and category pages, it’s important to select a high-impact primary image. Your primary image will be displayed as a thumbnail on search and category pages and has to instantly catch a shopper’s eye.

Optimal primary images serve two key functions:

  1. Present an at-a-glance view, quickly conveying to shoppers important product details
  2. Display eye-catching visuals, further attracting a shopper’s attention and driving more clicks

In our review of image distribution across categories, we found that more than half of the FastMovers in some categories, such as Pet Food and Fizzy Drinks, just had one image on average. In these categories, it’s even more important to select a high impact primary image.

052115 Blog Pics 2

Source: Profitero Amazon UK FastMovers Data, April 2015

Tips for Primary Product Images

Your primary product image should be professionally photographed, in a pure white background, and contain any key information you would like shoppers to know. Though the following list is not exhaustive, here are a few tips to consider when optimizing primary product images:

  1. Use a pure white background (Required by Amazon)

A white background helps keep a consistent look and feel on Amazon’s site, and the contrast helps each product stand out.

If your product images aren’t already on a white background, consider services like Pixelz which can efficiently edit product images for you.

  1. Display the “show-off” images

In competitive marketplaces, what matters is not only displaying high resolution images, but also using the images to highlight product details from the product package. In the example below, the product cover image clearly displays the brand name (Arden Grange) and target users (Adult Dogs).

052115 Blog Pics 3


  1. Display a close up view of out-of-box products

Showing consumers a close up view of what’s in the box surpasses what consumers can do in-store, helping to provide a richer experience than a Brick & Mortar shopping experience. Consider showing the product with other reference objects or in an environment that can help shoppers see the product’s scale at a glance.

052115 Blog Pics 4


Primary product images can be effectively utilized to quickly catch the shopper’s eye and convey important product details. On the other hand, product images are just one way to grab consumer interest. Product titles also play a key role in captivating consumer clicks.

Seconds to Shine

Shoppers are starved for time, and your products need to stand out with images that are informative and eye-catching. Look out for Part 2 in this series for tips on how to optimize product titles on Amazon UK to drive product page views.

To stay up to date on product content benchmarks for your categories, sign up for our free monthly Amazon FastMovers reports.

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