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Competitor Monitoring: Lidl’s Competitively Priced £3.99 Male Fragrance Beats Dior, D&G, Beckham In Blind Test

September 18, 2012
Written By

Discount retailer Lidl has launched a new male fragrance, G.Bellini X-Bolt, in response to the enormous success of its female fragrance Madame Glamour last year. 

Shoppers said they preferred the new £3.99 male fragrance to leading designer brands such as Dior Homme, D&G The One and David Beckham Homme in a blind test.

G.Bellini X-Bolt was preferred to leading designer brands in the blind test by 108 people carried out in London this summer. Consumers said they preferred the Lidl fragrance to leading designer brands such as David Beckham Homme, Dior Homme, D&G The One, and Hugo Boss Bottled, retailing at up to ten times the price of the discounter’s own brand.

In the test carried out by the Wall2Wall agency, Lidl’s own-label brand scored an average of 6.2 out of ten. This compared very favourably to Beckham (4.8), Dior Homme (5), D&G (5.6) and Boss (5.6). Female participants admired the “fresh masculine fragrance” while male participants described the fragrance as “expensive smelling”.

There was an incredible response to the Madame Glamour fragrance when it launched in 2011, said Lidl spokesperson Georgina Hall, and this helped in the decision to launch a private-label male fragrance. “We’ve definitely achieved that with the X-Bolt because it’s already proven a massive hit with customers since it launched two weeks ago,” she added.

Price-savvy shoppers are using online pricing intelligence in their competitor price monitoring activities. With perfumes and aftershaves such as the Lidl offering costing one-tenth of the price of some designer brands, consumers are using such price intelligence wisely and opting for the quality product offering the best value for their money. G. Bellini X-Bolt (50ml) is now available in Lidl stores across the UK and Ireland.

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