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Pricing Intelligence News: Google’s Nexus 7 From Just £159

July 14, 2012
Written By

Made by Asus, Google’s first branded tablet, the Nexus 7, is priced very competitively with the 8GB model costing just £159. We take a look at the type of tablet you can expect in each of the pricing brackets. 

Search engine giant Google has decided to focus on the cheaper end of the market with its pricing for the Nexus 7 device: £159 for the 8GB version and £199 for the 16GB model. Retail price intelligence shows its pricing compares very favourably against the iPad and is sure to appeal to consumers who have shied away from purchasing pricier tablets.

With a 7-inch screen and weighing only 340g, the tablet is also sure to appeal to commuters. The Nexus 7 runs Google’s new Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system. It comes with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 12-core graphics processor. The company says that the 4,325mAh battery provides nine hours of video playback as well as 300 hours of stand-by time.

With consumers sure to carry out online price comparisons to gather pricing intelligence before buying a tablet, Profitero takes a look at the type of tablet you can expect for each of the pricing categories:

Under £100: bargain models
e.g. Disgo Tablet 6000

£100 to £250: smaller models
e.g. Nexus 7, Disgo 9104

£251 to £500: wifi-only models
e.g. First-generation iPad

£501 to £750: 3G, plenty of storage
e.g. Apple iPad 3 64GB wifi + Cellular

Over £750: laptop replacement
The Pro version of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet could break £750 price barrier.

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