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Profitero launches “Profitero Pro” to equalize the eCommerce playing field

May 17, 2021
Tiffany Collins
Written By
Tiffany Collins

BOSTON - May 17, 2021 -- Profitero, the leader in providing actionable eCommerce insights for the world’s most successful consumer brands, today announced the launch of Profitero Pro, a new product that makes enterprise-quality analytics more accessible for small eCommerce teams with limited budgets, so they can better compete and boost online sales faster.  

eCommerce used to be the great equalizer for small brands looking to grow market share. Now it’s become yet another avenue where those with deep pockets come out on top. With eCommerce growing by 44% last year, big brands are making hefty investments in sophisticated analytics and expert teams to win. Smaller brands often don’t have the analytics budgets or resources to keep up.

Profitero Pro delivers the same powerful market share and digital shelf analytics as those used by big brands, but with streamlined and standardized features that make them simpler and more affordable for small eCommerce teams. As an option, Profitero Pro can also be combined with advertising, content and supply chain optimization services from certified Profitero partner agencies to help overstretched teams realize fast ROI. Initial certified Profitero Pro partners include Beekeeper and Sage Tree (part of Advantage Solutions),  Channel Bakers, Channel Key, Ideoclick, Molzi, Retail Bloom and Tinuiti. 

“Profitero Pro equalizes the playing field by allowing smaller eCommerce teams to make informed decisions using the same high-quality insights trusted by global leaders like Adidas, General Mills and L’Oreal,” said Bryan Wiener, CEO of Profitero. “On average, brands that use Profitero grow their eCommerce sales 70 percent faster than category competitors, so this has the potential to be a real game changer for the industry.”

“As the largest independent performance marketing firm in North America, Tinuiti's Amazon & Marketplaces team is thrilled to leverage Profitero Pro to level the playing field with advanced data insights for fast-growth brands. Tinuiti's technology and expertise as the most robust full-service Amazon and Marketplace offering in the industry, coupled with Profitero Pro, now enables our clients to have an even more unprecedented edge to break out and scale up,” said Jeff Coleman, Group Vice President, Marketplaces, Tinuiti.

“The brands we've built relationships with consistently ask: ‘How can we benchmark category growth and market share on Amazon?’ Retail Bloom is thrilled to partner with Profitero in bringing that category insight and competitor intelligence to brands who haven't had access to that data in the past! This is another unique way that Retail Bloom can help retail brands outmaneuver direct competitors and private label sellers. We look forward to adding Profitero Pro analytics to our team's toolset as we continue to help bridge the connection between brands and consumers online,” said Tom Sesti, President, Retail Bloom. 

“The entire Molzi team is over the moon to see Profitero’s world class eCommerce insights be made available to smaller eCommerce teams. Leveraging Profitero data alongside our own in-house analytics and full-service offering has already shown demonstrable impact for our enterprise customers. This announcement allows us to strengthen our partnership and further improve growth opportunities for all brands,” said Chris Mole, CEO, Molzi.

“We are excited to partner with Profitero in delivering best in class digital shelf analytics to brands. In combination with the Ideoclick Pulse Platform this will provide our customers with unparalleled insights and action to drive eCommerce success,” said Ben Winters, Chief Innovation Officer of Ideoclick. 

"We’re excited to partner with Profitero and expand our access to more data, analytics and diagnostic tool sets,” said Dan Brownsher, President and CEO of Channel Key. “Profitero’s robust technology platform will enable our team to make better-informed decisions to identify actionable insights and accelerate scalable growth for our clients.”

“The Profitero partnership will provide us a breadth of new tools that enable us to produce strong insights that we can shape into comprehensive eCommerce and Advertising strategies” said Joshua Kreitzer, Founder and CEO of Channel Bakers.

“As part of the Advantage Solutions family, both Beekeeper Marketing and Sage Tree have been working with Profitero for years and find it invaluable for helping our clients understand category growth benchmarks and digital shelf monitoring and alerting. And not just for Amazon, but for the traditional click and collect retailers/platforms as well.  This partnership will open up exciting new possibilities for both Profitero and Advantage Solutions to provide best-in-class recommendations for our clients,” said Anthony Vitro, President of Sage Tree. 

Profitero Pro is now available for Amazon U.S. and includes product-level sales, category share, digital shelf analytics and traffic and conversion insights. Options for additional retailers and countries, such as the UK and Japan, will be coming soon. 

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Profitero is a leading global SaaS company that provides actionable eCommerce insights to 4,000 consumer brands, including large-size brands like Adidas, Kraft-Heinz and L’Oreal as well as small to medium-sized brands such as Califia Farms, Materne, Moroccan Oil and Popsockets. Using Profitero’s daily data and analytics, brands can optimize their assortment, content, search placement, pricing and reviews across 600+ retailer websites spanning 50+ countries, helping them outgrow competitors by 70 percent on average. News outlets, including Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal and Ad Age cite and trust Profitero as a source of data for their stories.

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