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Customer Success Spotlight: How Califia Farms uses Profitero to drive results

November 12, 2018
Mike Black
Written By
Mike Black
Califia Farms Halee Patel
Halee Patel, Sr. Director of eCommerce & Business Development, Califia Farms

Califia Farms is an innovative manufacturer of “good for the world” almondmilk, cold brew coffees, creamers, drinkable yogurts and juices.

A small but mighty eComm team, Halee Patel manages all of Califia’s retailer partnerships — pure play (e.g., Amazon, Thrive Market, etc.), brick and click (e.g., Walmart, etc.) and grocery delivery (e.g., Instacart). She also oversees Califia’s innovative drop-shipping program that supports the company’s Direct to Consumer (D2C) website.

“As a lean team, we rely on Profitero as if it were an internal employee.”

                               — Halee Patel
                                    Sr. Director of eCommerce & Business Development, Califia Farms

Recently, Halee shared 4 key ways Califia Farms uses Profitero to drive business results:

  1. Product availability is my North Star. Why do people buy online? For depth and breadth of assortment. That’s why my North Star is maintaining product availability. With Profitero, I get a daily report that tells me which products are out of stock, so I can make sure I’m attacking the issue. Are the products in transit? Or did the buyer forget to place an order? Last year, we had supply challenges and Profitero’s data gave me an objective, data-driven, non-combative way to reach out and check with our buyers.
  2. Upping our intelligence game. Brands are launching in a different way these days. Instead of launching at brick & mortar first, they launch online. Profitero’s Amazon sales and share data gives me a pulse on the market — and keeps me informed of  new entrants in the space. For example, using Amazon sales and share data, we uncovered a competitor who was growing share by 50% last year but was yet to launch in B&M and be reported in Spins. That kind of early market intelligence is invaluable.
  3. Innovation is what separates us. Califia Farms is known for innovation. Our Innovation team finds Profitero’s Amazon sales and share data helpful for validating the volume potential and right price levels for potential new products.
  4. Placing smarter AMS bets. Profitero helps us understand where our products show up in categories and certain keywords we could be missing out on with our AMS spend. This is ever-evolving, so the reporting gives a good tracker on trends.


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