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Case Study: How simple content changes can lift Amazon sales by 113%

October 22, 2018
Sandy Skrovan
Written By
Sandy Skrovan

There’s certainly plenty to munch on as Snack Foods category sales on Amazon-US approached $200 million in 2017.

The list of players vying for market share in this intensely competitive category reads like a who’s who of huge multinationals. On top of that, a leading snacks manufacturer found its share threatened by a growing number of small, alternative brands capitalizing on category headwinds—such as the trend toward healthier eating and good-for-you snack options.

In this real-life case study, learn how a few simple content enhancements boosted share of Page 1 an average of +20% and lifted Amazon sales by as much as +113% for two leading snack brands.


Improving placement in Amazon search results and winning greater share of Page 1 is critical for accelerating product page traffic, and ultimately sales. In the crowded snacking category, it’s easy to get lost if you don’t show up in Page 1 search results. That’s why having relevant, search-optimized product content is so critical. Using Profitero’s analytics, the snacks manufacturer compared its content performance against competitors and learned that many of its product pages were missing critical keywords and details needed to drive Amazon’s search engine. Without stronger content, it would be impossible to sustain category sharelet alone grow it.


The manufacturer enhanced content for 34 total snacks products between July and October 2017. Specifically, the company improved content by (1) adding longer and more detailed product descriptions, (2) adding longer and more detailed feature bullets, optimized for brand name and general keywords, and (3) increasing the number of feature bullets the products had, generally expanding from 1-2 to 3-4 bullets. Some primary product images were also replaced with higher resolution images.

Content changes Enhancing feature bullets


Using Profitero’s analytics, the manufacturer was able to quantify the ROI of the content improvements made to its product pages. Specifically, they were able to compare their sales performance and share of Page 1 for relevant keywords before and after content changes were implemented. Product sales increased in aggregate following the content improvements. Likewise, SKU-level sales increased for almost all affected products.

content changes results

On the whole, the SKUs with enhanced content realized Page 1 share improvements for more than three-quarters of relevant keywords analyzed. For the 23 relevant keywords analyzed, share of Page 1 increased 20%, on average. Sales increased by up to 56% on average for the affected SKUs.

The best part? These sales gains were won efficiently, without costly investment in keyword sponsorship and with minimal effort spent on content enhancements, compared to adding images or video.

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