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On Demand Webinar: What’s Next in eCommerce

May 25, 2017
Written By

We’re at a tipping point for eCommerce. In 2016 alone, consumers spent $20.5B for online grocery. In some categories, like beauty or personal care, eCommerce is already driving 80+% of growth. And when they shop online, they only shop half the number of departments as they would have if they bought in-store. eCommerce isn’t just coming, it’s here. So are you ready for what’s next?

Join Nielsen’s VP of Consumer Insights Jordan Rost for a deep dive into the latest eCommerce research and to understand the how, where and why eCommerce is seeing such strong growth. Jordan also digs into what motivates online shoppers and explores emerging trends that hint at the future areas into which eCommerce will develop for FMCG.

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Jordan Rost
Vice President, Consumer Insight

Jordan Rost is VP of Consumer Insights for Nielsen. His work explores emerging trends, shifting buying and media consumption behaviors and helps manufacturers and retailers make more informed business decisions.

He shares his expert industry insights via thought leadership content, industry talks and with Nielsen’s clients. Prior to his time at Nielsen, Jordan spent nearly a decade at Google, where he last led consumer insights focused on trends and thought leadership. 

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