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Assortment Intelligence: Are You Stocking The Hottest Products?

August 2, 2016
Jannie Cahill
Written By
Jannie Cahill


Many of our recent posts have looked at emerging CPG brands such as InstaNatural who are fast gaining traction on Amazon. But what does this trend mean for retailers?

Profitero analysis published in ClickZ reveals that the best sellers on Amazon aren’t necessarily the brands you might expect. While market-leading brands are becoming more effective on the e-tailer’s site, it’s often new and emerging brands which sell on Amazon that are now benefiting from early-mover advantage.

Our Amazon FastMovers reports from January – May of this year reveal that healthy snack brand KIND tops the grocery best seller ranking at, while Beauty, Pure Body Naturals is the top brand in this period. 

Best-selling Grocery Brands, Jan-May 2016

Brand Total # of Products Average Star Rating Average # of Reviews Average # of Images
Kind 6 5 3,512 9
San Francisco Bay Coffee 5 5 23,696 8
Viva Labs 4 5 9,459 6
Planters 3 5 2,126 6
Quest Nutrition 3 4 9,816 6

Source: Profitero

Best-selling Beauty Brands, Jan-May 2016

Brand Total # of Products Average Star Rating Average # of Reviews Average # of Images
Pure Body Naturals 5 5 5,465 5
Oral B 4 5 2,102 10
ArtNaturals 4 5 5,512 9
Gillette 4 5 2,298 9
Dove 4 5 604 9

Source: Profitero

New and emerging brands: an opportunity for retailers as well

It’s evident that new and emerging brands are winning with Amazon because shoppers are increasingly searching for specific product attributes (e.g natural or gluten free), and are able to more efficiently find products on Amazon than navigating a physical store.

By the same token, niche brands and products are often not widely distributed in brick-and-mortar stores, so shoppers have been trained to look for them at Amazon. 

Further analysis of our Amazon FastMovers reports demonstrates just how competitive categories such as grocery and beauty have become: the top 5 brands in both categories represent only one-fifth of the best-selling brands in their category on Amazon, highlighting the significant opportunity not only for emerging brands – but equally for retailers, who can identify which new products are selling well, and therefore which they should be carrying in their range. 

Competitiveness: % of top 5 brands in Amazon’s Best Sellers by Category, Jan-May 2016

Category % Top 5 Brands
Watches 69
Dogs Food 59
Electronics 49
Health & Personal Care 40
Clothing 33
Baby 33
Toys & Games 29
Office Products 27
Candy & Chocolate 22
Beauty 21
Grocery & Gourmet Food 21
Prime Pantry 17

Source: Profitero

Spotting product gaps is critical to success in the online channel

For retailers, understanding which products are popular with today’s consumer and identifying where the gaps are in your product assortment is critical to success in an increasingly competitive retail environment – where the shopper is more in control than ever before. 

Profitero’s Assortment Analytics module can help retailers answer essential questions about which products to stock by helping you:

  • Understand the overlap in your assortment versus the competition, identifying products that competitors such as Amazon may carry exclusively and that you should consider carrying in your assortment
  • Analyze the architecture within a category from a pricing perspective so you can see how your own range compares to competitors at different price brands, shedding light on opportunities to carry products at higher or lower prices

Learn more about our Assortment Analytics or sign up for our Amazon FastMovers reports to keep abreast of the hottest products on Amazon.

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