We have a proven track record in delivering a timely and accurate view of your competitors’ prices. Our proprietary monitoring technology rapidly discovers ALL instances of a brand and its competitors online and is geographic- and language-agnostic.

Seamlessly integrate with pricing systems. Pricing data can be sent directly via FTP to your in-house or external price management/optimisation solution: Revionics, IBM DemandTec, Blue Yonder, SAP, or Oracle.

Eliminate the manual effort of collecting competitive price data from other retailers

Do you have people spending hours each week in stores to match products and capture competitive pricing data? Do you manually gather information online for some competitors?

Profitero helped free up 20-30% of the time Nebraska Furniture Mart previously spent checking competitor prices.

We streamline your competitive price monitoring by eliminating manual data collection and matching. Get accurate price data for every competitor, each day.

With Profitero’s intelligence, you’ll not only save time, you’ll also cost-effectively increase the scope and frequency of your competitive price and promotion monitoring.

Compare my prices and promotions to competitors on a daily basis

Your merchants’ pricing and promotional decisions have an immediate impact on sales and profitability. Do you know how competitively priced you are on key items today?

Analyze your competitors’ prices to identify opportunities to recover margin by raising prices—or to increase competitiveness by lowering them. Profitero’s data also integrates with industry-leading Price Optimization platforms like Revionics and IBM DemandTec.

Analyze my product assortment versus competitors to identify opportunities

How do you monitor whether your closest competitor is selling a different assortment of your best sellers’ products?

Find out how much overlap there is between your assortment and that of your competitors. Fine tune your product selection to make it as comprehensive – or differentiated – as possible.

Discover which products and product-variations are available in the market, but not in your range, so you can decide which products to carry in order to fully optimize your product mix.

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Improve competitive product matching data accuracy for branded and private label products

How accurate is your current price monitoring solution or manual approach? 40% accurate? 60%?

We are experts in providing accurate competitor pricing data on a daily basis for branded and private-label products

“ Profitero achieved the highest accuracy in product matching, particularly amongst own-brand products which are the most challenging to match with confidence given all the degrees of variation possible. ”


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See timely data on in-stock availability and competitor prices and promotions


Which of your products are in-stock at competitor stores today? At what price are competitors selling those in-stock products? How have these prices changed during the past week?

Our proprietary monitoring technology rapidly discovers ALL instances of a brand and its competitors online and is geographic- and language-agnostic.

We identify competitive products and close product substitutes and then monitor their pricing and availability on a daily basis.