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Brands Can Now Accelerate E-commerce Performance with Profitero’s Digital Shelf 360 Analytics Suite

July 7, 2016
Jannie Cahill
Written By
Jannie Cahill

Brands seeking to actively track and accelerate product performance across retailer sites such as Amazon can now rely on one single platform, Digital Shelf 360™, from e-commerce analytics pioneer Profitero. As the only solution that connects what shoppers see on a retailer’s “digital shelf” with resulting online sales and category share data, Digital Shelf 360 enables competitive benchmarking and active SKU management, all from within easy-to-use dashboards.

“E-commerce teams need a solution that goes beyond a simple online store audit but also connects digital shelf metrics with online sales and category share to help them comprehensively improve e-commerce performance,” said Keith Anderson, VP Strategy and Insights at Profitero. “More brands are upgrading from other solutions to Digital Shelf 360 because it’s the only platform that consolidates this valuable data in one place for rapid decision-making.”

Features and benefits of Digital Shelf 360, an e-commerce analytics suite that delivers a 360-degree view of product content, pricing, availability, assortment, retailer search ranking, ratings and reviews, and retailer-specific sales and share, include:

  • A global dashboard view that visually compares how brands are performing in the e-commerce channel across countries or regions.
  • Profitero scores, which enable brands to monitor e-commerce performance over time and address underperforming areas.
  • Plain-language insights and customizable alerts, which guide decision-makers to take specific actions that will improve digital shelf performance.
  • Interconnected sales & share and digital shelf data, which show sales and share trends of products on Amazon, pinpointing possible drivers of share gain or loss.
  • A unified product screen, which displays all relevant dashboard data about a single product in one view.
  • Benchmarking, to identify how products are performing against competitors or best-selling products.

“As more spending moves online, brands have a greater need for performance measurement in the e-commerce channel,” added Vol Pigrukh, CEO and co-founder of Profitero. “Gabrielle Novacek of Boston Consulting Group, commenting on recent research co-sponsored with the Grocery Manufacturers Association, put it best, saying that ‘As digital channels grow, companies can’t rely on the skills and approaches they’ve used in traditional channels if they want to win in digital—which is critical to continued overall growth.’ Digital Shelf 360 is designed expressly to help brands win in digital.”

Profitero’s Global Dashboard

Profitero’s Global Dashboard

Learn more about Digital Shelf 360 or register for our live demo and Q&A on July 14.

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