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Content26 Infographic: How Quality Online Content Increases Offline Sales

October 14, 2015
Jeff Kirby
Written By
Jeff Kirby

High-quality online content doesn’t only help digital sales – it’s shown to have a tangible effect on sales in physical stores as well. Even if a company’s online sales only represent a tiny portion of what they sell overall, the importance of having worthwhile content online cannot be overstated.

This holiday season, Deloitte predicts that 64 percent of every $1 spent in-store will be influenced by a digital interaction, equating to $434 billion.

In this Content26 infographic, we highlight the importance of the ROPO effect (Research Online, Purchase Offline and Research Offline, Purchase Online), emphasizing why quality online content not only affects sales on retailer websites, but also in physical stores.


As our infographic shows,  68% of customers are likely to participate in showrooming and 71% will participate in webrooming. This means most sales – online and in-store – are going to go through online channels at some point or another, whether they finish there or not.

Keeping content consistent throughout the buying process is imperative to giving customers a seamless learning and buying experience from website to storefront, and vice versa. As both the number of online shoppers and the influence of online content on in-store sales rise each year, the importance of quality online content rises with them.

The Takeaway

Pay attention to online content as it will impact offline sales.

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