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Price Intelligence: 10% of shoppers buy from online competitors in-store

September 17, 2013
Written By

New research from Omnico has revealed that one in 10 UK consumers have used their smartphone to buy a product from another retailer’s website while in-store. This new study highlights the extent of showrooming and is yet more evidence why retailers need to embrace this growing shopping trend.

According to the study, almost a third (29%) of shoppers admit to using their smartphone to compare prices with other retailers’ websites, while almost a quarter (23%) of shoppers said they look at product reviews whilst they are shopping to help make a decision. Moreover, 15% of consumers use their smartphone to check the retailer’s own website to compare prices or check stock availability.

The cities in which showrooming was most widespread were Belfast, Liverpool and London, with 39 percent of Belfast shoppers comparing prices online in-store, followed by 30 percent of those in Liverpool and 28 percent of consumers in London.

“Showrooming is here to stay, whether retailers like it or not”, said Steve Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Omnico. “Some retailers try to stop it, by ignoring consumers’ desire for free wi-fi or even blocking mobile signals, but this is a short sighted view. Instead, it can be embraced, by offering assisted selling and integrating their mobile and web channels to offer genuine omnichannel retail. Price is very important but there are many other factors that encourage loyalty to a brand and omnichannel, such as convenience and quality of service.”

Profitero’s new White Paper: “Seizing The Showrooming Opportunity – 5 Reasons Why You Need To Monitor Your Online Competitors’ Prices” outlines why retailers today need to be tracking their competitors if they are to win the retail game.

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