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Competitor Monitoring: Interbrand names the top US retail brands

March 25, 2013
Written By

Interbrand’s annual brand survey ranks the 50 most valuable US retail brands, as well as ranking the leading brands from around the world. Walmart continues to be the most valuable US retail brand for the fifth consecutive year, whilst Tesco is the leading retail brand in the UK.

Interbrand’s brand valuations are based on the consultancy’s analysis of financial performance, brand equity and the competitive strength of a brand. The top ranked US retail brand in 2013, Walmart, maintained its #1 position by a huge margin with a brand value of $141 million, followed by Target worth $25.1 billion and Home Depot valued at $22.9 billion. Walmart-owned Sam’s Club, the membership-only retailer, saw its value increase 5% to $13.5 billion and rank at #8 in the list.

However it is online retailer Amazon which has enjoyed one of the biggest increases in the US rankings, up from position #9 in 2012 to #4 in this year’s list, with its brand value soaring 46% to $18.6 billion. According to Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand, Amazon continues to “demonstrate an understanding of how consumers buy the products they choose and how to be relevant to those customers. And from a business standpoint, Amazon continues to steal market share held by retailers ranging from grocery chains to electronic retailers.”

According to Interbrand, the retail brands that succeed have four things in common:

  • Valuable retail brands monitor customer’s ever changing needs and incorporate knowledge gleaned about their consumers into their everyday behaviour
  • Leaders within these brands build a culture of efficient decision making to ensure they remain competitive in a fast-moving retail environment
  • These brands understand that experience extends beyond the store with retail no longer referring to the ‘physical’ store but the complete retail experience, including a brand’s digital touch points
  • The best retail brands continuously optimise, scale and measure their performance

In the UK, Tesco’s brand value was measured at $10.8 billion, followed by Marks and Spencer at $6.5 billion and Boots at $3.2 billion. Five supermarkets appear in the top 10 alongside Tesco, with Asda ranking at #4, Sainsbury’s at #6, Morrisons at #8 and Waitrose at #9. However clothing retailer ASOS is the first online retailer to appear in the top 10, ranking at #10.

The full Interbrand rankings can be viewed here. web-based competitor price monitoring for retailers and brands

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