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Competitor Monitoring: Rakuten Acquires French eCommerce Logistics Firm

November 14, 2012
Written By

Japanese online retailing giant Rakuten has acquired the French eCommerce logistics company, Alpha Direct Services. 

eCommerce operator Rakuten has purchased a French logistics firm, ADS, the supplier of services to over 100 merchants – from small businesses to brands such as L’Oreal and Nestlé. The move will give Rakuten the ability to offer logistics services on behalf of sellers.

The deal will be of particular benefit to Rakuten’s PriceMinister operation in France – the company purchased the French eCommerce operator for about €200 million two years ago.

The acquisition could also assist its German business,, and in the UK. Rakuten said it will adopt best practice automation procedures e.g. ADS’ unique robotic automation system to reinforce its existing logistics services and improve operational efficiency in Japan.

“ADS will give us a logistics stronghold in Europe, which will further empower merchants using Rakuten’s marketplaces, as well as supporting future marketplaces,” said Hiroshi Mikitani, chairman and chief executive of Rakuten. “ADS’s management team, their proprietary warehouse automation technology and existing infrastructure have strong synergies with Rakuten’s eCommerce and logistics businesses and will be invaluable as we continue our growth in Japan and globally.”

With sellers using online competitor price monitoring tools to assist with price intelligence and dynamic pricing, the new acquisition will help strengthen Rakuten’s offering to merchants.

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