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Competitor Monitoring: Asda Trialling 24-Hour ‘Click And Collect’ Service

November 17, 2012
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Walmart-owned supermarket chain Asda is trialling a ‘click and collect’ locker service.

Asda is testing a 24-hour self-service locker system at a selection of its stores. Online shoppers can collect Asda orders from lockers, located in ‘pods’ outside the stores.

Customers are provided with a code to open the locker containing their order. The majority of UK retailers offering ‘click and collect’ services do not offer a 24-hour service – shoppers must choose a time for home delivery or in-store collection.

The multichannel retailer says it is committed to rolling out more pick-up points across the UK. It is also “exploring a locker collection concept” at a stand-alone petrol station in Sale, at its non-food business Asda Living stores, and a business park, said a spokesperson for the retailer.

In other retail intelligence news, the retail chain plans to have ‘click and collect‘ grocery services in 100 stores by the end of the year. Judith McKenna, chief operating officer at Asda, said, “We’re aggressively rolling out ‘grocery click’ to allow customers the convenience of picking up their shopping at a time that suits them.”

The retailer’s 558 stores also offer ‘click and collect’ services on George clothing and general merchandise. The company is also benefiting from Walmart developing eCommerce technology in California.

The collection system is proving popular with Internet shoppers who like to carry out competitor price monitoring before buying the product online, but do not want to have to stop indoors waiting on a delivery.

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It is also exploring a locker collection concept at a stand-alone petrol station in Sale, at its non-food Asda Living stores, and a business park.’ 

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Read more:

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

A spokesman for Asda, which is testing the locker system at some stores in Sale, near Manchester, said: ‘Asda is trialling click and collect grocery lockers as part of its commitment to rolling out more pick-up points for customers across the UK.

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