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Price Intelligence: £1.99 For Hair Serum (15ml): The High Price Of Travel-Sized Toiletries

August 18, 2012
Written By

Customers are being charged up to eight times the price of a regular-sized product for a travel-sized version of shampoo, toothpaste or other toiletry product in airport stores.

If you’re planning on heading away on your summer holidays this month, you might want to accumulate some 100ml containers for your toiletries before hitting the airport. Along with the tightened airport security in recent years came the ban on carrying bottles over 100ml through the departure gates.

Retail pricing intelligence is showing an increasing number of travellers are opting to purchase miniature bottles of toiletries in stores such as Boots and Duty Free. Manufacturers and retailers are using this trend to their advantage: travel-sized bottles now cost up to eight times the price of a standard-sized product.

Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel (250ml) can be purchased for £1.89 from Asda; an airport store of WHSmith charges £1.60 for the 50ml version of the product. Charles Worthington Hair Serum (15ml) sells for £1.99 at airport stores; this compares to £1.25 for a 50ml bottle in some supermarkets.

Competitor price monitoring has revealed that airport stores have been noted for charging £1.99 for a 35ml spray can of Dove anti-perspirant; this compares to £1 for a 150ml alternative in supermarkets and pharmacies. Johnsons Top to Toe Bath (500ml) for babies retails for £2.67 in Walmart-owned Asda; this compares extremely favourably to a 50ml bottle retailing at £1.99 in airport stores of WHSmith.

Profitero carried out a competitor monitoring exercise on a selection of toiletries across a range of UK supermarkets. We bring you our findings below.

We found that Silvikrin Hair Spray Firm Hold (250ml) was selling for £2.20 at Ocado; this compares to £2.78 at Sainsbury’s (see below).

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Hair Conditioner (250ml) is currently retailing for £5 on and at Tesco; Sainsbury’s is selling the product for £5.59 (see below).

Pantene 2 in 1 Smooth & Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner (250ml) is retailing at £2.87 on and at Tesco; rival Sainsbury’s is selling the product for £2.99 (see below).

Lynx Africa Shower Gel (250ml) costs £1.80 on; its rival Sainsbury’s is selling the product for £2.40 and the Tesco equivalent is priced at £1.80 (see below).


Judging by the above high airport prices and the favourable supermarket prices, you might even decide to wait until you reach to your destination to buy a full-sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel in a local store; anything to avoid those rip-off airport prices.

© Profitero 2012

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