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Competitor Monitoring: SuperValu Own-Label Range Gets Seal Of Approval From Customers

June 16, 2012
Written By

Shoppers have embraced the SuperValu own-brand range, according to new research carried out in Britain. 

The SuperValu own-label range was released firstly in SuperValu stores in Ireland at the beginning of the year. The Irish supermarket chain is owned by the Musgrave Group. Following on from the range being well received by customers in Ireland, it was then introduced to the UK stores of its retail partners Londis and Budgens.

The range includes a mid-tier SuperValu range: this is supported with an entry level own-brand range, Daily Basics, which is priced with a RSP of 40 per cent less than leading brands.

A UK customer survey was undertaken involving customers of Musgrave’s British retail partners Londis and Budgens; its aim was to find out what shoppers thought of the new value range.

Eight out of 10 shoppers said they had already bought a SuperValu product; seven out of 10 admitted that quality and price were the key drivers in purchasing the range.

Over 98 per cent of those who had purchased the private-label range said they would buy more products in the future; this would help them to manage their budgets better – spending less on grocery while still purchasing quality products.

The Musgrave Group said that the pulse survey results were very encouraging. The results show that shoppers appreciate “both the value and the quality” of the SuperValu range and that the launch has been received well, said Kenton Burchell, Musgrave retail partners GB trading director. As for the retailers Musgrave partner with, the SuperValu own-brand range enables them to compete at a time when “consumer interest in own brand ranges is seeing significant growth in the market”, he explained.

Involving a £1.5 million investment in Britain, the launch comprised of over 1,000 lines for Budgens and around 500 for Londis.

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