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Profitero Increases Its Price Monitoring Capability To 200 Million Price Checks Every Day

February 19, 2014

By increasing its price monitoring capability almost three-fold - from 70 million to 200 million price checks every day – Profitero continues to be the only price intelligence solution capable of providing competitor prices and promotions at scale, and is the only price intelligence service which can monitor any online retailer in any country and any language.

With Forrester predicting that retailers need to engage in dynamic pricing capabilities to maintain and grow market share in 2014, Profitero’s unparalleled retail coverage makes it uniquely positioned to help global retailers make more informed pricing decisions in an increasingly competitive and price transparent retail market.

Volodymyr Pigrukh, CEO and co-founder of Profitero, commented: “It’s clear that dynamic pricing is set to dominate the retail agenda in 2014. With Amazon changing its prices more than 2.5 million times every day, it’s increasingly vital for retailers to have access to accurate and reliable price intelligence to enable them to compete on items when they need to. Our customers rely on Profitero to track their competitors’ prices, product assortments and promotions in near real time, giving them the confidence to carry the right products, at the right price and the right time, in order to grow market share and increase margins.”

Profitero provides price intelligence to more than 40 global retailers including Staples, Waitrose, Ocado, Walmart-owned Sam’s Club and Worten. Its product matching capability, which uses both advanced proprietary matching technology as well as manual validation of matches, ensures that Profitero delivers the highest match rates and accuracy in the industry.

About Profitero:

Profitero is the leading global provider of online competitor pricing data. We enable retailers to make faster and smarter pricing decisions by delivering their competitors’ prices, promotions and full product assortments to them every day. Profitero works with more than 40 global retailers including Staples, Waitrose, Ocado, Walmart-owned Sam’s Club and Worten who use us to:

  •     Benchmark competitor prices;
  •     Manage their prices and promotions;
  •     Attract price sensitive shoppers;
  •     Negotiate better with suppliers.

Profitero collaborates with leading price optimization providers including Revionics and IBM DemandTec, with Profitero’s competitor pricing data integrated directly into these solutions to provide more accurate and effective price optimization. Profitero is also in a strategic alliance with Nielsen as the preferred supplier of online competitor pricing data to their retail clients.

For more information on how Profitero can help make your pricing smarter, email sales(at)profitero(dot)com or visit

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