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Why Profitero is excited about joining Publicis Groupe

May 3, 2022
Bryan Wiener
Written By
Bryan Wiener

While it’s great to get coverage in The Wall Street Journal among others, I want to share my personal view on why Profitero has joined Publicis Groupe. 

This really is the best of both worlds. As a standalone unit, we will keep our entrepreneurial culture and leadership team intact, reporting to Publicis Groupe Global CEO Arthur Sadoun. But now, we'll have the capabilities and resources of a $13 billion company in our corner to fuel the next stage of innovation for our clients. 

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about the future. 

Profitero has led the industry in global digital shelf measurement and we’ve had the honor of helping the world’s most respected brands navigate the ups and downs of omnichannel transformation, which has been on overdrive due to the pandemic. But consumer behavior and retailer capabilities are still changing faster than ever. Brands need partners that will help predict what WILL happen on the digital shelf, not just report what HAS happened. And they need partners who can help them act on insights quickly. Currently, few brands (only 14%, according to our 2021 eCommerce Benchmarking survey) are taking action based on predictive insights today.

That's where Publicis comes in. 

Publicis has a treasure trove of proprietary retail media and shopper intelligence, deep expertise in content and media activation, and patented predictive commerce intelligence capabilities. By joining forces, we will empower brands with the first global commerce platform that uses predictive intelligence to anticipate, activate and automate the next best action to fuel profitable growth — all while enhancing our core strength of providing brands with global-scale digital shelf and market share analytics

Our clients can expect to see accelerated innovation across several areas: 

  • Accelerated product innovation: Starting in Q2 and rolling out through the end of the year, we will launch a series of new capabilities, including: predictive intelligence that will recommend which actions will drive the most growth; multi-retailer keyword recommendation tools; and enhanced media and omnichannel analytics.

  • Launching activation solutions: Profitero will launch content optimization and activation solutions in Q3 that will enable clients to seamlessly go from data-driven insights to activation. 

  • Expanded analytics and advisory capabilities: We are adding significant depth to our advanced analytics and consulting teams as clients increasingly need hands-on support to help navigate this rapidly changing macro-economic and commerce environment.

All of this comes on the heels of some other pioneering news, as we announced an innovative omnichannel measurement program with IRI earlier this month that allows brands to better connect digital shelf causal analytics with sales data, further demonstrating how we can help brands optimize at every step in the commerce journey. We will also continue our Open Commerce Ecosystem, ensuring that our data is democratized and actionable for our clients’ agencies and partners.

You can read way more here:

Publicis is no stranger to buying product companies. In the past few years, they’ve made landmark acquisitions of data and software companies, including Epsilon and CitrusAd. And as Publicis Groupe Global CEO Arthur Sadoun said about Profitero earlier today, “this acquisition uniquely positions us to help our clients get more than their fair share, by bringing market-leading capabilities across four connected pillars: people, product, placement and platforms.”

I want to close by saying how grateful I am to our hundreds of employees across the globe. We have accomplished so much since this company was founded a decade ago. In particular, the successes we’ve had in the past two years amid a global pandemic and radical change in shopping behavior have reflected our team’s passion, purpose and perseverance to deliver on our mission of growing market share and profits for brands around the world.

And the best part is: We’re just getting started. 

— Bryan

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