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The Inflation Challenge: How to Safeguard Your Brand and Maintain Profitability

June 30, 2023
John Phillips
Written By
John Phillips

With 64% of shoppers now trading down to reduce basket spend and value-based search terms increasing by 46%, brands must focus attention on driving brand equity through communicating clear benefits of product differentiators.

As a digital leader, understanding and optimizing your pricing strategy is crucial to remain competitive. To drive growth and profitability in a competitive landscape, brand leaders must address these key pricing questions. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can optimize your pricing strategy and ensure your brand's long-term success.

Here are 5 questions every brand leader should  ask to unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy: 

"How can we refine our price pack architecture to meet consumer needs better and drive sales performance?"

Analyzing your price pack architecture helps you identify the most effective combinations of pack sizes, price points and product offerings. Evaluating your current architecture and identifying areas for optimization allows you to meet consumer needs better and maximize sales.

Below is an example of a price pack architecture analysis of the Beverage category on Amazon. By overlaying sales & share data with category price data, we learned that 12 oz 24 packs are an ideal price pack for Amazon as illustrated by the 84% increase in sales.


"How sensitive is the demand for our products to changes in price?"

Understanding price elasticity allows you to identify the optimal price points that maximize revenue and profit. Analyzing historical sales data and uncovering patterns in consumer behavior will enable you to make informed pricing decisions.

"How do our products' prices compare to those of our competitors?"

Staying ahead of the competition requires constant monitoring and analysis of competitor pricing. Benchmarking your products' prices against those of competitors helps you identify opportunities for strategic pricing adjustments.

PRO TIP: Using the Profitero app, schedule automated alerts for price decreases on competitor products. Alerts will be sent directly to your inbox to help you proactively match the pricing or go on promotion to combat the competition.

"How do our pricing decisions impact glance views and conversion rates for our products?"

Understanding the relationship between pricing and consumer engagement is crucial for driving online sales. Analyzing how different price points influence glance views and conversion rates allows you to make data-driven pricing decisions that optimize your Commerce performance.

Watch the video below to learn how The Master Lock Company partnered with Profitero on a pricing and market share analysis to understand the impact of pricing increases on market share in their category.


"How can we leverage pricing to improve search rank?"

Ensuring that your products appear at the top of search results on retailer websites is vital for maximizing visibility and driving sales. Analyzing the impact of pricing on search rank helps you optimize your pricing strategy to improve your products' visibility and discoverability.

Profitero’s Commerce Advisory team can help your team optimize your pricing strategy and ensure your brand's long-term success. We offer flexible solutions that include: competitive pricing evaluation, price pack analysis, price elasticity report and more. 

Want to learn more about Profitero's suite of advisory services?

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