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LEGO, Amazon and Nintendo Top the Most Wished For Lists Ahead of the Holidays

October 27, 2017
Jannie Cahill
Written By
Jannie Cahill

Online Wish Lists on websites like Amazon provide a good health check of your demand-building activities. If your marketing and search placement efforts are doing their job, then you should start to see the pay off in terms of more shoppers adding your products to Wish Lists.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we did a quick Amazon Wish List health check of some of the hottest holiday categories, to see which brands and products are getting the most pay off from their demand building efforts. Every brand, in every category, should be doing the same thing now, while there’s still time to move the needle on your marketing and search optimization.

Early Holiday Demand Leaderboard: Toys & Games

In Toys & Games, LEGO products are shown to top the Most Wished For List on both sides of the pond – but its products have twice as many appearing on Amazon UK’s list (21 products) compared with (10 products – tied with toy brand VTech). Star Wars Advent Calendar is currently LEGO’s most wished-for product in the UK.

Early Holiday Demand Leaderboard: Electronics

Amazon-owned electronics devices dominate the Most Wished For Electronics List on Amazon US and UK – a clear sign that the Echo and other Amazon devices will prove to be another big seller this holiday season. The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most-wished for item in both markets and benefits from more than 56,000 customer reviews on and more than 12,000 on Amazon UK. And as we know, reviews have a massive impact on conversion.

Early Holiday Demand Leaderboard: Video Games

Nintendo equally tops the Most Wished For Lists on both Amazon US and UK, with Super Mario Odyssey the most-wished for game in both markets ahead of its official launch today, October 27 – and it’s already an Amazon Best Seller (in pre-orders). However, not all most wished for products make it into the bestseller rankings. Our analysis reveals that up to 65% of the top 100 most wished for products do not turn into a best seller in the next 5 weeks after they were added.

Keep an eye out for our Holiday eCommerce Survival Guide coming soon – helping you to check if your eCommerce holiday plans are on track, and if they’re not, how to course correct and avoid last-minute disaster (and maximize sales) this holiday season.

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