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Join Profitero at Kantar Retail’s Amazon Strategy Forum, 18 May 2017

April 13, 2017
Jannie Cahill
Written By
Jannie Cahill

On the back of expansion into new categories such as Grocery, new touch points such as Prime Now, and new technologies such as Alexa, Amazon is rapidly expanding its ecosystem – creating a vast landscape of untapped opportunity. How strategic suppliers must be selective about where to play, or run the risk of getting lost in the behemoth that is Amazon.

During this one-day interactive session, Kantar Retail and guest experts, including Profitero’s Director of Strategy and Insights EMEA Andrew Pearl, will take a deep dive into the key components of Amazon’s growth strategy and provide guidance on how to develop a cohesive plan for winning with this crucial route to market.

Explore the fundamentals of how this constantly-evolving business operates, and learn how to drive incremental sales growth using the concept of Discoverability, Visibility, Shoppability.

Discover How Amazon is Evolving, and What it Means for your Business

Amazon is well-positioned to capture an even greater share of retail spend – but how will they get there? Kantar Retail will explore Amazon’s unique structure, evaluate key components of its strategy, look at competitive threats from outside the business, and provide a prediction of future direction and performance.

  • Ascertain Amazon’s key initiatives for 2017+
  • Explore the unique aspects of Amazon’s business model
  • Determine the implications for FMCG businesses seeking to grow via Amazon

Kantar Retail is also hosting an eCommerce Strategy Forum on 17 May 2017. Click here to learn more and register for the two-day event.

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