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Who Wins in Skin: The Best-Selling Beauty Brands on Amazon

June 22, 2016
Jannie Cahill
Written By
Jannie Cahill


Did you know that an average of 3,000 customer reviews has helped make ArtNaturals one of the best-selling beauty brands on Amazon?

Increasingly, upstart beauty brands like ArtNaturals are making their mark online, even if they do not have the brick-and-mortar presence of “traditional” beauty brands.

It’s this type of knowledge that is increasingly important to your beauty brand’s success – as well as understanding what’s going on in the Amazon marketplace, because:

• Amazon continues to dominate as the world’s largest e-retailer, with Amazon predicted to see the highest growth between now and 2020 against all major retailers (source: Planet Retail)

• Amazon accounted for 60% of total US eCommerce sales growth in 2015 (source: Forrester)

• 73% of consumers say that Amazon is their #1 destination for beauty products (AT Kearney)

Download our special Q2 2016 edition of the Best-Selling Beauty Brands on Amazon US and Amazon UK to benchmark how your brand stacks up.

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