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3 Reasons to Bookmark for Your Coffee Break (our new site is coming soon!)

September 24, 2015
Cynthia Stephens
Written By
Cynthia Stephens

It’s nearly fall in New England. The leaves are beginning to change color and so are we! We’re just days away from releasing a brand new website. But what does this mean for you?

If there’s one thing that is in short supply these days, it seems to be taking the time to “think” versus “do”. This sense of being overwhelmed (too much data; too many tools to learn; omnichannel!; hiring for the holiday season; edging out competitors….) is exhausting.

Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to re-energize. If you’ve been following our blog updates and are looking for a place to come where our eCommerce insights are worthy of a 5-minute coffee break, stay tuned!

1. Read, watch & listen

How do you stay on top of analysis and trends that make you better at what you do? If you’re like me and spend upwards of one hour commuting by car, you probably don’t spend a lot of time reading physical magazines, newspapers, industry papers or other printed materials.

Maybe you rely on Google alerts, RSS feeds, groups on Skype, or newsletters delivered to your inbox?

Many marketers, myself included, like to stay abreast of key topics by listening to podcasts or watching videos.

Whether you want to print educational whitepapers to read on a plane or train, or listen to a 3-minute video during your break, we’ll have you covered. Want to have a little fun? Take a short quiz to see where you stack up to the competition.

2. Learn a new eCommerce vocabulary

In the physical brick-and-mortar retail environment there’s a vocabulary that shopper marketers, category managers, pricing managers and others are familiar with. In eCommerce, the lexicon that exists in the physical brick-and-mortar retail environment is rapidly evolving.

For example, shopper data, and sales data, becomes enhanced by digital shelf data – the data that is available on what shoppers see and buy online. With this brings a brand new vocabulary: variated product pages; “research online, purchase offline” (ROPO); The Amazon Buy Box.

With eCommerce moving at break neck speed, one thing that is for certain: we can’t communicate effectively with one another if we don’t speak the same language.

That’s why a few weeks ago, we started a brand new series called the Digital Retail Glossary Series that we’ll continue to enhance and expand.

Check out the latest instalment here: Understanding Variated Product Pages.

If you have an idea for another topic, I’d love to hear from you (email:

3. Get the analytics and analysis you need in one single location

As a marketer based in Boston, I didn’t miss the opportunity to attend a large industry event about one week ago. What struck me was the amount of tools, data, technology and other sources we as marketers need to be aware of.

Thing is, I understand. We don’t need MORE content; instead, we need the right content that makes us better at what we do. Nothing more and nothing less. And we don’t want to be bombarded with anything else. We simply don’t have time.

What were the top best selling products on Amazon in your category last month? Who has the best deals in back-to-school online shopping this season? What impact will have on your business?

Our new site will deliver the essential insights you need to know from some of the best and brightest, both within and outside of Profitero. And when a major new entrant such as appears on the scene, be sure that we’ll bring you analysis from our team of experts as it happens. Consume as little (blog) or as much (webinar) information as you need, or anywhere in between.

So, stay tuned for the launch of the new site. I hope it will be an energizing break in the midst of your busy day!


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