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12 Breakthrough Ways Brands and Retailers Can Partner More Effectively Online

June 30, 2015
Keith Anderson
Written By
Keith Anderson

In the age of eCommerce, the pace of change continues to accelerate, and nowhere is that change more apparent than in the evolving relationship between the two bulwarks of the retail industry—the CPG companies who create the brands and the retailers themselves. This new Profitero White Paper provides brands and retailers with a dozen essential pointers on how to partner more effectively.

Quite simply, the traditional working relationship between buyers and sellers in the brick-and-mortar world is being transformed by the explosive growth of online retail.

It’s the forward-looking CPG and retailer that is “out in front” of these changes, while the late adapters are already falling behind and squandering the advantages they enjoyed in a physical store environment.

What are the nature of these changes—for both brands and retailers? More importantly, whether you’re on the buyer or seller side, what can your organization do to keep pace with or outdistance your competitors—and continue to grow your eCommerce channel?

For answers, we spoke to two industry experts, Tim Dorgan, SVP of Marketing Services at CROSSMARK (and formerly of Peapod Interactive), and Chris Drumey, Head of eCommerce at United Biscuits (and formerly of Coca-Cola).

Both Tim and Chris are seasoned veterans of online grocery—and it’s the space we focus on in this new White Paper, although each of the featured guidelines is intended to apply to the full spectrum of eCommerce categories.

Inside the White Paper you’ll learn:

  • What retailers can now offer brands in abundance, leading to smarter collaboration
  • Why the connection between online brand media and e-retail sales is so powerful
  • When to know to give Big Data a rest
  • What experts such as Tim Dorgan and Chris Drumey say about their experiences leading eCommerce operations for Peapod and United Biscuits respectively

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