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Retail Intelligence: Price beats speed for US online shoppers

March 4, 2013
Written By

A new survey from The Boston Consulting Group suggests that online shoppers in the US are more interested in free delivery and finding lower prices than immediacy of delivery.

The findings, based on an online survey of 1,500 US consumers conducted in November, reveals that 50% of US consumers cited lower prices to be a key factor in improving their online shopping experience.

This compared with 9% who said same-day delivery and 35% who cited free returns. However 74% deemed free delivery to be the main factor in improving their online retail experience.

The results suggest that same day delivery should no longer be a key driver for US retailers, despite many now starting to offer the option. Rob Souza, a partner at BCG, commented: “Same day delivery will be a niche service in the near future. Retailers may choose to offer it to build customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, or keep up with the competition. But it is unlikely to generate significant revenues for either retailers or carriers.”

The report also ranks the other e-commerce features that would encourage respondents to shop more online (respondents were able to select up to three responses):

  • Insurance against credit card fraud, 19%
  • Product comparisons, 19%
  • Chat with salesperson, 15%
  • Faster delivery options, 15%
  • Guaranteed delivery timing, 9%
  • Flexibility for delivery timing and location, 7% web-based competitor price monitoring for retailers and brands

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