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U.S. Alcohol Page 1 Intelligence Playbook


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Optimizing your products for search is essential for winning shoppers online and boosting sales.

With brands increasingly needing to do more with less, it’s vital to make sure you have the right strategy per retailer and focus on the easy wins.

Using our daily digital shelf data, Profitero created benchmarks for products on Page 1 vs. Page 2+ as well as collating vital information on how much competition there is for paid and organic places for Alcohol brands selling across top US grocers.

Download our report for the answers (and next best actions to take) concerning four key questions: 

  • What does it take to be on Page 1 organically?
  • How competitive is the Alcohol category across retailers?
  • What does paid activity look like across retailers?
  • What discoverability capabilities are there?