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Sizing the prize on Amazon

How an air care manufacturer validated the sales potential of entering an emerging category



A leading air care manufacturer was planning to launch 3 new products in an emerging subcategory on Amazon U.K. — one it had previously small penetration in (just 0.01% share). This new range of products had already been developed in terms of format and packaging, but the manufacturer wanted to understand the sales potential before launching.


In brick and mortar it’s relatively easy to get sales and share data for an adjacent category, but that data doesn’t readily exist for eCommerce. In order to evaluate the true size of this niche category, the Profitero Insights team set about analysing the keywords in titles for similar products on Amazon U.K. This allowed them to narrow down and then define the size of the category, as well as identify the main competitors that the brand would be up against. Once this view had been created, Profitero was able to determine the category’s potential value in annual sales on Amazon U.K.


Based on category estimates, Profitero’s analytics predicted that the manufacturer could grow its market share from 0.01% to 3.1% by aiming for the same market share the brand already held within the wider air care category. This translated to a 400-fold increase in potential sales. 

The analysis has helped reinforce the decision for the manufacturer to launch this new product range (both on Amazon and in brick and mortar).

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