AMZ Maximizer™ 

The full-funnel solution for managing and optimizing your Amazon sales performance

Learn how The Master Lock Company recaptured $500K in sales

Find and fix traffic and conversion issues, faster

With an unprecedented view of your entire traffic, conversion and sales funnel, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint where things are breaking down for your products. With integrated digital shelf analytics, quickly isolate the issues driving low traffic and conversion performance, such as poor content, out-of-stocks, pricing or drops in search placement.

Stretch your limited resources and budgets farther

Instead of sponsoring and promoting on low-converting pages, maximize ROI by targeting high-converting pages with more upside. Instead of taking a broad-based and inefficient approach to content optimization, focus on the lowest-converting products with the greatest need and most to gain.

Outmaneuver the competition

Get highly accurate estimates of your competitors’ sales and category share at the item level—so you can keep tabs on competitors’ outperforming ASINs and reverse-engineer their success.

See why the world’s leading brands use Profitero to accelerate their online sales.

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