“We chose Profitero because of its
unique ability to not only tell us
what’s happening with our sales,
but why it’s happening—and what
specific actions will grow sales faster.”

Jordi Llena | Digital Sales Manager, Affinity Petcare

Core components of our platform

Amazon sales & share analytics

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we accurately estimate sales for entire Amazon categories, giving you category shares, competitors’ item-level sales estimates, third-party sales mix, and insights into performance drivers.

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Digital shelf analytics for any retailer

Our proprietary technology monitors product content, search ranking, ratings, reviews, inventory, pricing and promotion changes daily across 8,000+ retailer sites and apps and 50+ countries. The data then automatically feeds into scorecards and benchmark reports to reveal key issues & opportunities.

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Expert analysis & recommendations

Unlike other solutions that sell you tools and walk away, we give you eCommerce experts on 3 continents who will work alongside you to prioritize your biggest gaps and opportunities.

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What can you accomplish with Profitero?
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  • Pricing & MAP

    Identify MAP violations and retailers dropping the market floor price.

  • Promotions

    Track promotion types and discount depth across all retailers.

  • Assortment & availability

    Monitor product availability and identify gaps in your assortment.

  • Ratings & reviews

    Identify products with too few reviews or low star ratings, and be notified of new negative reviews.

  • Scorecarding & benchmarking

    Measure yourself against your own success criteria, download customizable scorecards, and benchmark your performance to competition.

  • Search optimization

    Uncover opportunities to climb higher in search rankings for top-searched keywords.

  • Content optimization

    Monitor non-compliant product content, and optimize your content versus competitors and best sellers.

  • Alerts

    Configure custom alerts for important issues, such as out-of-stock items or content changes.

  • Sales & share

    For Amazon, understand full category dynamics, including your category shares and competitors’ sales.

  • Third-party sales

    Quantify sales lost due to Buy Box losses, identify 3P-only products, and understand the 3P dynamics particular to your categories.

  • Buy Box

    Receive notifications when you lose the Buy Box to a 3P seller.

  • Expert support

    Receive a personalized eCommerce action plan, weighted by expected ROI, when you sign up.

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There’s a lot of data out there.
Here’s why you can trust Profitero.

More accurate methodologies for estimating sales

Powered by proprietary algorithms, our sales estimates for your brands and competitors have accuracy levels of 90+%, at the product level and we include more products per category—giving you the truest view of your Amazon shares.

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100% in-house technology and data science teams

Our machine learning, data science, natural language processing, image recognition, and all other technology is proudly built and maintained in-house. This means we have more control over quality and accuracy, and can be more responsive to your needs.

We partner with Nielsen to make sure your data is the best

We’ve passed the rigorous data standards required to be the only Nielsen Connected Partner in eCommerce analytics which means your categorization online can align with your Nielsen categorization yielding cleaner online & offline data integration.

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