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How The Master Lock Company used predictive insights to prevent $500k in out-of-stock losses 

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The Master Lock Company is a leading manufacturer of home security products in the U.S. In the past several years, the company has aggressively ramped up Amazon marketing efforts, with a focus on promotions and sponsored advertising campaigns. But the company perpetually found themselves running out of supply as promos ramped up, especially during peak promotional times like Q4.

This issue was costing the company several million dollars in lost sales annually.


Using Profitero’s Amazon analytics, The Master Lock Company was able to monitor predictive demand signals, such as daily page traffic and conversion rates, for promoted products, and determine much earlier whether demand was outpacing expected forecasts. This insight made it possible to react more quickly to increase factory production and ship additional supply to Amazon, before running out.


By using Profitero’s daily Amazon traffic data during and after the peak Q4 holiday period, The Master Lock Company was able to prevent a heavily promoted home safe product from going out of stock, protecting $500,000 in sales.

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in recouped sales for a single product

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