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Getting to the top of Tesco

How JDE drove a 12% increase in sales on by improving search placement



JDE owns some of the world’s oldest and most established coffee & tea brands — stalwarts on store shelves throughout Europe (and the rest of the globe). But the company found some of its best selling products (such as its L’OR Espresso Lungo Profundo capsules) ranking low in search results on, despite being well represented in the U.K. grocer’s B&M stores. Given that 70% of shoppers don’t look past page 1, there was growing concern that consumers wouldn’t be able to find its products — and low search placement meant lost sales opportunities, and a possible loss of its category leadership as more consumers shop online.


Using Profitero’s platform, JDE did a detailed analysis to identify all the products that  were falling outside the top 10 or not appearing on page 1 of search results (e.g., L’OR Profundo and L’OR Ristretto among them). More importantly, the company needed to understand why. As it turns out, some highly searched and relevant keywords — coffee pods and coffee capsules — were missing from its product titles. Since’s site structure doesn’t allow brands to directly make product title changes, JDE connected with Tesco’s search team to explain the importance of “SEO tagging,” and got the relevant keywords added to the backend code.


Within one week of making the changes, L'OR Espresso Lungo Profondo moved from the bottom of page 1 to the #1 position in search results. Meanwhile, L’OR Ristretto moved all the way from the bottom of page 3 to spot #13 on page 1. As a result of the boost in search placement, JDE saw a 12% incremental increase in weekly sales (no other promotions were active during this timeframe).

graph showing spike after new keywords added

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