From bottom of the page to #1 spot

How JDE drove a 12% increase in sales on by improving search placement



JDE had an issue with several of its products ranking low in search results on Using Profitero, the JDE team initially found that one of its products, L’OR Espresso lungo capsules, was appearing at the bottom of page 1 on for the term ‘coffee pods’. Given that 70% of shoppers don’t look past 1 in search results, JDE knew that consumers would not be able to easily find its products — and this was likely to impact sales.


Using Profitero’s platform, JDE did a more detailed analysis into the products falling outside the top 10 or that didn’t appear on page 1 of Tesco’s search results (e.g., ‘L’OR Profundo’ and ‘L’OR Ristretto). The team found some highly searched and relevant keywords (coffee pods; coffee capsules) were missing from its product titles. As making changes to product titles is not possible due to’s site structure (usually the easiest way to optimise product content), JDE explained the importance of ‘SEO tagging’ — or adding search terms to the backend code — to Tesco’s search team.


Tesco’s search team added the relevant keywords for the products that were ranking low. Within one week of the changes being made, JDE’s ‘L’OR Profundo’ product moved from the bottom of page 1 in search results on to the #1 position. Meanwhile ‘L’OR Ristretto moved all the way from the bottom of page 3 to the 13th position on page 1. As a result of these boosts in search placement, JDE saw a 12% increase in weekly sales (no other promotions were active during this timeframe).

graph showing spike after new keywords added

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