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How Profitero’s Commerce Advisory unlocked innovation & profitability opportunities on Amazon for a consumer health manufacturer



A leading global consumer health manufacturer struggled to easily identify gaps in their assortment and lacked direction to win on Amazon. It needed a better process to support its US team in identifying current and future innovation opportunities on Amazon for top-selling categories and new segments. 


Profitero’s Commerce Advisory group partnered with the Commercial Strategy team to develop a price pack architecture (PPA) analysis and a custom innovation dashboard. 

The PPA analysis identified leading product forms and pack sizes for OTC medicine and supplement segments. The custom dashboard was configured to provide ongoing insights into top performing subcategories, products, and price points. 


Overall, both analyses have unlocked new innovation opportunities for the manufacturer to prioritize on Amazon. 

The price pack architecture analysis uncovered a new leading product that the manufacturer had not yet invested in and identified their price per serving was not on par with competitor brands. 

The custom innovation dashboard continues to be updated and used by the client every quarter, providing insights to the team on key segment gaps in their portfolio and competitive benchmarks for the size of prize and price gaps.
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less price per serving than leading competitors underscored as an opportunity to boost profitability



pack and single pack sizes identified as category leader and potential lever to maintain price competitiveness

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53% YoY

growth for keyword “powder” revealed, uncovering innovation area for brand

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