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Drawing battle lines for Amazon success

How Goliath Games used Profitero to uncover £500k in sales on Amazon UK by winning back the Buy Box



Goliath Games has an exclusive distribution agreement in place with Crayola US to sell Crayola core kids stationery on Amazon UK. Goliath needed a daily monitoring tool that could help them more effectively manage these listings on Amazon and carry out market and competitor analysis.


Using Profitero, the Goliath team was able to quickly identify Crayola products that were being sold by third party sellers. The team then set about cross referencing these products against their own products where they are the sole distributor of Crayola on Amazon UK. They discovered that approximately 14% of the sales share of their catalogue belonged to independent retailers or wholesalers who Goliath were actively supplying to. These third-party sellers were aggressively competing with Goliath on price to win the Buy Box. This caused massive issues for Goliath not just on sales loss, but they could also attribute this to a decrease in overall revenue.


Now that these sellers have been identified and legally informed they can no longer sell these products, Goliath has observed a 50% reduction in third party interference and clawed back roughly £500k in sales revenue.
“Without Profitero, this would have been impossible to identify quickly as it would have meant us manually identifying each ASIN that was causing us issues”.

Josh Elliott

eCommerce Sales Executive

Goliath Games

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